Monday, October 17, 2016

New stuff on TC Pro Strategy Advisor

Doing good so far with Beta testing phase. 

Risk Rewards:  15 points risk : 30 points rewards.  Position will be overnight if no stop loss or target profit hit. 
#1 & #2. Selling around 2,646, exit around 2,616 for 50% position, another 50% was left open.

#3. Cut losses for Short position. Enter Long around 2,639. Exit around 2,669 for 50% position, another half left open. 

* Soy oil surged more than 5% this morning. FCPO Jan was traded 89 up a 2754.

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  1. Is TC Pro strategy advisor has automatic order placement function based on signal from technical indicator MACD?

  2. There is no auto trade or placement for any platform for Malaysia because Bursa forbids it. However, you can design a strategies and it will prompt you to enter once the strategies triggered.