Futures Account Management

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Gold Futures (FGLD)

Contract Specification

Contract CodeFGLD
Underlying AssetGold assayed to a minimum of 995 fineness
Settlement MethodCash Settlement
Contract Size100 grams
Price QuotationRinggit Malaysia per gram
Minimum Price FluctuationRM 0.05 per gram
(or RM5 per tick)
Daily Price LimitThere must be no trading at a price more than 10% above or below the settlement prices of the preceding Business Day (“the 10% Limit”) except as provided below:
  1. If spot month Contract trades at the 10% Limit, the Exchange will announce a 10-minute cooling off period (“the Cooling Off Period”) for Contracts of all contract months (including the spot month) during which trading may only take place within the 10% Limit for Contracts of all contract months (including the spot month).

  2. After the Cooling Off Period, Contracts of all contract months (including the spot month) will be specified as interrupted for a period of 5 minutes, after which the price limit will be expanded to 20%. The prices traded for Contracts of all contract months (including the spot month) must then not vary more than 20% above or below the settlement prices of the preceding Business Day (“the 20% Limit”).

  3. If spot month Contract trades at the 10% Limit less than 30 minutes before the end of the first trading session, the 10% Limit will apply to Contracts of all contract months (including the spot month) for the rest of the first trading session, and the 20% Limit will apply to Contracts of all contract months (including the spot month) during the second trading session.

  4. If spot month Contract trades at the 10% Limit less than 30 minutes before the end of the second trading session, the 10% Limit will apply to Contracts of all contract months (including the spot month) for the rest of the Business Day.

  5. On any Business Day other than the Final Trading Day, the price limits in the above paragraphs apply to trades in Contracts of all contract months including the spot month. On the Final Trading Day, the price limits in the above paragraphs do not apply to trades in spot month Contracts.
Speculative Position LimitThe maximum number of net long or net short positions for all months combined which a client or a participant may hold or control is 25,000 contracts.
Trading HoursMonday to Friday
Trading Sessions: (Malaysian Time)
0900 – 1230 hours
1430 – 1900 hours

Business Days:
Follows KL Business Days
Contract MonthsSpot month; and
Next 3 calendar months; and
Any February, April, June, August, October and December falling within a 12 month period beginning with the spot month.
Final Trading DayLast common Business Day of the spot month in both London and KL.


If the last Business Day of the spot month is a holiday in London, the Final Trading Day will be the first preceding Business Day that is not a holiday in London.

A new contract will be available for trading on the first KL Business Day of the following month.

Apart from the expiring contract, all other contracts continue to trade up to the last KL Business Day of each calendar month.
Final Settlement ValueThe Final Settlement Value will be calculated using the London Gold AM Fix (quoted USD/troy oz) on the Final Trading Day adjusted for conversion into RM/gram.

USD/RM conversion rate
1700 hours middle rate published on the Final Trading Day on the Bank Negara Malaysia website.

Conversion from Troy Ounce to Grams
1 troy oz = 31.1034768 grams.

Rounding Up/Down
Final Settlement Value to be rounded to the nearest RM0.05.
  1. The Securities Commission of Malaysia approves Gold Futures (FGLD) trading on Bursa Malaysia.
  2. Disclaimer: All references to The London Gold AM Fixing prices are used with the permission of The London Gold Market Fixing Limited. The London Gold Market Fixing Limited and Bursa Malaysia Derivatives Bhd accept no liability or responsibility for the accuracy of the prices or the underlying product to which the prices may be referenced.

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