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Back to the days where internet is just an thousand miles away from reach, all traders trade using open outcry system in Bursa derivative. Hand signals and other gestures are used to convey traders intention and their purpose correspond to the bid and ask price. Its a very hectic and noisy place in short but that is all history when internet and computers are easily available few years after that.

Now, moving on twenty first century, online or over-the-counter trading is very common when it come to trade any financial instruments in the world. On our very own Malaysia futures market, Bursa Derivative has allowed online futures contract trading to attract more traders both locally and internationally. The initiative quickly bear fruits when the volume for Malaysia index futures known as FKLI and commodities futures named FCPO grow exponentially. Soon after that, the development and deployment of trading solutions are widely available.

 Knowing this phenomenal opportunity and enormous profitability, more local and international IT solutions provider shift their focus on providing front end and some, even offered their back-end solutions. One of the trading platform that is widely used today was known as Trader Connect Pro™ designed by Malaysia IT solutions provider, N2N™ Berhad.

Trader Connect Pro™ or TC Pro by short, was a all-in-one trading platform that is capable of streaming real-time data from the Bursa Derivative exchange direct to end users. Thus delivering second to none real-time trading solutions to all traders and solved most of the open outcry system back in the old days.

TC Pro is a comprehensive all-in one trading platform available up to date. And the best part is, it is user friendly, even you are not computer literate. This is the description picked from N2N berhad web site for TC Pro.                                           
"TraderConnect™ incorporates a powerful technical analysis toolkit and innovative trading capabilities to deliver state of the art desktop trading management system. Explore the various analysis tools and trading strategies, create charts and analyze the stock market or other investment products by testing your investment ideas and optimizing your potential returns."
To know more about TC Pro, read on the product snapshot below:     
   Product Snapshot 

We are fortunate to have great partnership with N2N Berhad that have enable us to reach out to more diverse traders locally and internationally. With years of countless trading software research, this user friendly platform can be access from hand held devices including iPhone, Android, tablet and other portable devices that have internet access. 
If you wish to find more about this comprehensive and user friendly trading platform, please contact me 03-7717 3290 or write to me here.



  1. Hi, one question.. if using tablet, can we view candlestick chart?