Friday, December 18, 2015

Happy New Year And Welcome To 2016 !!!!

2016 Is Just Around the Corner

With new year coming too soon, I want to take this opportunity to wish all my readers happy new year and welcome to year 2016. Below is part of the article I have shared all the time since months ago, and if you are interested to receive this write up, please subscribe by emailing me back.

"Palm oil futures is likely open unchanged on soy oil lack of movement yesterday. Perhaps commodities market tend to wait what happen next after the Feds raise rates yesterday. The bad news is yet over for palm oil futures, price can still go down from here amid weaker than expected demand. The dryer weather /El-Nino can wait next year, price has go down for the time being, and it is showing it on smaller time frame chart. Major commodities such as crude oil is likely staying low for the first quarter of 2016. The worst is yet over for the rest of other commodities, not all will get the positive effect from El-Nino dry weather, no one will know for sure when the price of edible oil will start to re-act to this news. Meteorologist is expecting El-Nino to swept in Asia Pacific starting around first quarter, curbing palm oil production (hopefully). But until that time, current palm oil futures direction is anybody guess. For today, march contract is likely ranging between 2390~2365.

Wrapping up the year of 2015, this will be the moment of truth journal of hourly chart strategy. It has been a tough journey since....." Subscribe for more.

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