Friday, March 16, 2012

TC Pro 5 Coming Soon !!!

 TC Pro Version 5 ( N2N Berhad ,All Rights Reserved)
All New Professional Trading Platform

Executive Summary
The TraderConnect PRO is a Multi-Asset Class Trading Terminal which can trade equities, derivatives, commodities, bonds and interest rate across multiple exchanges.  It is an excellent system for reporting and trade analysis. 

Explore the various analysis tools and trading strategies that TraderConnect PRO has to offer to create trade charts and analyze the stock market or other investment products.  TraderConnect PRO enables you to simulate your investment ideas and optimize your potential returns.

In this section, we look at our in-house tools (patented) that are examples of improved algorithms and by theory expected to outperform versions of standard indicators that are available in the market.  Part of the advance indicators include,

1.1.          FishNet

1.2.          Sandwich

1.3.          liRSI

1.4.          Heaven & Hell

1.7.          liLadder

And many more....

 Expected to hit the shelves soon !!!

Don't miss out this greatest trading tools available online.

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