Monday, March 5, 2012

Palm Oil Conference 2012 At Shangrila, Kuala Lumpur.

POC 2012

Me and whole team head out for Palm Oil Conference yesterday after market hour. Here are some recap for the event. Pardon the images as I took the photo using my hand phone.

 Registration and ticket redemption area.

 Participants That Took Part In POC Exibition 2012

 The Crowd Inside The Conference Hall. Time to meet up my ex colleagues and friends. 

It is a cocktail night, lets have some drinks, cheers.

FKLI Pivot Point:                  FCPO   Pivot Point
R2: 1602                                 R2: 3286
R1: 1597                                 R1: 3266 
S1: 1587                                 S1: 3231    
S2: 1581                                 S2: 3216    



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