Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Trade Setup No. 001

Welcome back, if you have been reading so far and wondering if there is any trade setup, well today we may got ourself a LONG trade setup on FCPO. Lets get it on.

FCPO Daily

 Market has created a higher low, although it is not that obvious one (just on candle).. We may have a LONG trade setup around 2,200~2,180 as price might pullback before heading up further. Place limit order within that range and follow your stop rule.

FKLI Daily

For FKLI, market manage to climb above 1,270 level. Breaking 1,250 would be mean something else had happen, it is likely to be a strong bull run and it would require a whole new level of bears strengths to  push the index down below the support line. No trade setup but keep your eye on buying opportunity if the index does retrace back to the support line.

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  1. Alright, its down the road now. Based on yesterday trade setup, there is a LONG Jan contract at 2,180, possible stop would be 40 points from the entry point. Let see how it goes.