Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Lets get into the Game. FKLI and FCPO

Alright, without further a due, lets look at the charts. We will be looking at the FKLI and FCPO charts with possible trade set ups.

Date: 13-10-2009


 A strong uptrend and well build support line develop since March this year. Possible strategy for a short set up would spotting any lower high, significant candlesticks formation that signal market reversal and volume to confirm the validity of break down.


 Breakouts appear after recent price action. Typical descending triangle should break down, but this one breakouts instead. The next question you might probably ask yourself would be how reliable this break out would be. Possible long set up for conservative trade would waiting for a higher low.

But of course, we are dealing with probabilities and those set up might not be a profitable one. The different between acting now and wait for the trade set up to come to you are merely trading with lower losing odds and higher probabilities, rather than hoping for your trade to be a profitable one.
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